involvement with our community

For the past 34 years Refinement Clinic has grown from a small one-room business to a full scale very successful aesthetic & wellness clinic. We would never have been so successful if it wasn't for our community & loyal clients. We can never say "thank you" enough!

To give back to the community & our loyal clients we always try to be part of community projects like for instance sponsoring some goodies to a beautiful lady or gentleman, supporting a local school, creating awareness for the needy, having events to show our beautiful people new treatments, products & more...

But, behind-the-scenes we as a team also have to have some fun-days, like Slipper-day, Takkie-Tax, Heart Projects, Nurse's day etc. 

Thank you so much for your loyal support & also thank you to our staff who are professional & always doing their best to make your treatments enjoyable & memorable.